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About Me

Photography to me is the ultimate escape from real life. There is a certain degree of satisfaction involved with being able to capture what may seem like an insignificant moment and play it back over again. This gives me the opportunity to analyze the same occurrence from the perspectives of other people.


The reason why photography intrigues me so much is because it offers diversity in my life. I am trained and worked as an engineer for many decades, owned my manufacturing and consulting companies . This line of work relied heavily on analytical skills and left-brained type of thought.


When it comes to photography, I try to focus on the composition and the freedom that images provide. I don’t like to shoot under pressure, because stress reminds me work. Instead, I use photography to balance daily problems, and to help me strive for lifelong fulfillment.


Photography allows me just to enjoy the moment, because for just those few moments, I can forget all the pressures of everyday life.

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